Firefighter Family

Firefighter Family
True American Heroes <3

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Reflections.......... <3

Sitting here reflecting on the day.
Watched the news, and seen the posts and videos of the Prescott firefighters funeral procession.

Words can't even describe how the families friends and coworkers of those men have to feel.

My heart breaks for them, we also are a firefighter family.

My boyfriend is a Volunteer Firefighter and tonight they were paged out for a Mabas call(mutual aid to another fire department), we have a 2 year old son and I have a 9yr & 11 yr old son. Tonight as he was leaving our 2yr old says to me mama .... daddy go fire he be back OK.

I stood there for a second to take in what he had just said to me ... my fear of him going on a call and the unknown what if or what can happen situations had just been confirmed by my 2yr old. He knows his daddy is a Hero and don't worry mama he'll be back confirmed in not so many words and a hug and kiss from him takes my worry away.

As my 9 year old sits by me and little man falls asleep Brax says to me mom I want to stay awake until he gets home, just to make sure he's safe. Once again I am speechless, but this time its different he knows some calls are dangerous, he has seen Ladder 49 and Backdraft......

In the midst of all this commotion tonight we got a good night phone call both kids went to sleep and I sat awake until I got the text I'm Home....... it really is all the small things that matter.

Tonight has opened my eyes to a whole different prospective with the 12 fallen firefighters in Texas, then the 19 in Arizona, all I can say is each and everyone of you is a true American hero.
God Bless You all, and RIP.

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